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Stronger Together

Welcome to the Researching The Green Economy Community Website

Welcome to Researching The Green Economy

“Going green” is transforming daily life at the local, national and global levels. For environmental protection, national security, job creation and other reasons, the world is evolving within and toward a greener economy. While green activities can easily be found anywhere, determining the workforce ramifications is a much more complicated undertaking.

The Green Jobs Act of 2007 mandates that state labor market research, information, and labor exchange research programs identify job openings in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. The Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain Consortium, through a USDOL Labor Market Information Improvement Grant, is building on research already being conducted and constructing models that can be emulated in other regions and labor market information consortia.

The results of the research conducted by the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain Consortium can be found under the Final Products tab.

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

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