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Dubai Chamber’s CSR Newsletter Promotes Sustainable Consumption

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) has released the fourth issue of its newsletter, CSR Al Youm.

With Ramadan approaching, the latest issue covers the topic of sustainable consumption from an international and Dubai-based perspective. The newsletter is raising awareness about sustainable consumption and the affecting of our consumption patterns and actions in our community.

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The newsletter discusses the important role played by businesses in encouraging sustainable consumption such as creating industry guidelines, product design and advertising. Businesses set trends and expectations for consumers but by showing how a product can be used and properly recycled or disposed.

Under the headline” Luxurious Dubai”, another article puts luxury goods at the forefront of sustainable consumption. This is mainly due to the ability of luxury companies to influence patterns of sustainable consumption through product design, how it is used and how it is disposed of.


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